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Jainmandir.org is an the digital directory of all Jain Temples in India and outside India in a systematic and structured format so as to enable each and every Jain Shravaka  to have a information on all such sites. This will also help in preserving the details of all Jain temples belonging to all i.e. Digamber/ Shwetamber/ Sthanak etc. 

We humbly request all Jain brothers and sisters to make this endeavor successful by providing the details of all such Jain sites available in your vicinity and help www.jainmandir.org in achieving the stated objective. Please share this with your friends and relatives also.

 You can write to us for any suggestion, query etc. at the email address: [email protected]


We hereby convey our sincere thanks to all sadharmi persons who have put efforts to display data on Jain teerths/temples etc. on various websites, enabling us to get more inormation of jain temples etc. in a more consolidated and comprehensive manner.

We are grateful to the following for supporting us in this endeavour:

  1. Smt. Sarla Jain and Shri Ram Kumar Jain, Khatauli, District- Muzffarnagar (U.P.)
  2. Smt. Seema Jain and Shri Dheeraj Jain, Delhi
  3. Smt. Shweta Jain and Shri Neeraj Kumar Jain, Noida (U.P.)
  4. Smt. Vandna Jain and Shri Gautam Jain, Washington DC, USA
  5. Smt. Nita Jain and Dr. Manoj Kumar Jain, Delhi
  6. Smt. Suman Agrawal and Shri Pradeep Agrawal, Jaipur
  7. Shri Dheeraj Poddar and Shri Siddharth Poddar, Jaipur
  8. Smt. Rachna Jain and Shri Sajag Jain, Faridabad
  9. Shri Sanjay Jain, Vishwa Jain Sangathan (VJS), Delhi

We hereby acknowledge help by Shri Amit Jain (Ranchi),  Shri Sunil Jain (Shakti Nagar, Delhi), Shri Rakesh Jain (Khatauli), Shri Jain Kumar Jain (Baraut), Ms. Priya Jain (Surat), Ms Ananya Jain (Delhi), Mrs Nidhi Jain & Shri Abhi Jain (Sahibabad), Shri Siddharth Jain (Sahibabad), Shri Suresh (RK Puram, Delhi), Shri Manish Jain (Shahdara, Delhi), Shri Sanjay Jain (Vaidji) (Laxmi Nagar, Delhi), Shri Paras Jain (Muzffarnagar, U.P.), Shri K. M. Jain (Advocate, Alwar), Shri Sachin Jain (Baraut), Shri Bhupendra Jain (Udaipur), Shri Akshay Patni (Durg) in adding the details of Jain Temples on the website. 

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